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Jump Starts and Towing – We’re There When You Need Us in Casselberry, FL


Have you come to your car, ready to start your day, only to find that you’ve left your lights on overnight and now have a flat battery? Temperature changes, a long stint on the driveway or even old age can all cause a battery to lose charge. Not only do we provide roadside assistance 24/7 if you get stranded, we are also able to quickly attend stationary vehicles that need a jump start or tow to another location. Our trucks carry all the tools and equipment needed to get you going promptly, ready to get on with the rest of your journey or promptly to a service station.


Cash for Junk Cars in Your Pocket Now


Even cars that are well cared for don’t last forever. If your old car is no longer cost-effective to run, or is just clearly not fit to drive safely anymore, we will be happy to buy it from you. Give us a call and we will come out to the vehicle and make you an offer. If it’s acceptable, we will tow the car away for no additional charge.


Take Your Vehicle Where it Needs to Go


Whether you need our auto salvage service to take your vehicle to the garage after an accident, or want an old car removed through our wrecking service, our towing vehicles can get the job done. We have invested heavily in our plant and our service vehicles, which means that even if you’ve got an RV, a truck or some other large vehicle, we can still tow them safely and effectively.


Locksmiths, Tire Changes and More in Casselberry


Our towing and vehicle care service provides a wide variety of assistance to motorists that have inoperable cars for any reason. If the problem can be resolved with a tire change, or simply by unlocking the vehicle, we can provide the necessary assistance on the spot. For more serious issues, or ones which can’t be quickly sorted out, our friendly, experienced towing team can take you and your car wherever you need to go. We’re always here when you need us, so call now at (407) 328-8494 and we’ll be happy to help.


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