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Roadside Assistance for Stranded Longwood Motorists


Vehicle breakdown, key misplacement or simply a drained battery are all common reasons why drivers are unable to continue their journey without help. It's not just on the road that help is needed – in many cases drivers will have managed to pull in to a service station or parking lot, but still don't have any way of getting home. Thankfully we're here to help. Just call us and we will respond rapidly. If it's a case of simply needing locksmith services or jump starts, we can normally resolve the situation on the spot. For vehicles that need extensive work, our towing service will safely move them wherever they need to go.


What About a Tire Change?


When you're busy, remembering to check your tires regularly and replace them when necessary can be a task that's easily overlooked. If it's been a while since you last took a look at your tires, do it now! Worn tires not only have less grip, they're also more likely to deflate at an inconvenient moment. Don't leave it until it’s too late – we supply premium tires across Longwood that are suitable for most popular makes and models.


Clear Your Yard With Our Auto Salvage Service


It's all too easy for a non-operational vehicle to sit in your back yard for years at a time, especially when the cost of repairs will be too high. If you own an older vehicle, in many cases the cost of repairs can far out strip the value of the vehicle itself. Rather than let it rust on your driveway, why not sell it to our wrecking service? We operate a “cash for junk cars” service across Longwood. In some cases we can come out and buy your vehicle the same day as you call us, giving you easy access to some welcome cash.


Roadside Assistance and More

We aim to be a reliable and professional provider that meets the needs of motorists in Longwood and beyond. To benefit from what we offer, call us anytime, day or night, at (407) 328-8494.

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