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Don't Get Stuck in Orlando!


If your car's refusing to start, or has developed an ominous banging or rattling during a journey, then prompt roadside assistance or jump starts are probably a necessary call. When you're located in Orlando, getting the solution you need to your motoring woes couldn't be easier – call us at any time and our friendly, experienced towing team will be with you rapidly. We're locally based and our crew is radio dispatched, ensuring you get the help you need as quickly as possible.


New Tires a Specialty


Don't neglect your tires! Tires are easily overlooked, but if they're in poor shape, the risks of a skid or blow out are significantly increased. Particularly during the colder months, having the right tires in place can make a real difference to road safety. Our comprehensive selection of affordable tires in Orlando allows you to enjoy safe driving for a very reasonable cost. We always have a selection of tires in stock, including all-season, all-terrain, mud and performance tires.


Auto Salvage for Everyone


Repairs aren't cheap, especially when a considerable amount of parts and labor are required. In many cases it can be cheaper to simply scrap a broken vehicle and replace it with a newer one in better condition. If you've currently got a broken down car, why not sell it to us using our “cash for junk cars” service. We consider any make or model, no matter how old. Using our wrecker service is a fantastic option to get rid of an unwanted or unrepairable vehicle as well as make a little extra cash.


Locally Based for Orlando Customers


Whether you need our locksmith services, new tires, roadside assistance or removal of a wreck, we're ready to help. Our experienced, fully qualified and insured team will come out promptly to assist, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We aim to offer a premium service at very affordable rates, ensuring everybody can have access to the auto services they need, even on a tight budget. To find out more or make use of what we can offer, call us at (407) 328-8494.

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